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~ ShimmyPhat™ - The Fun and Feminine Workout™ ~

Undulate and shimmy your way to a strong and graceful body!

ShimmyPhat™ - The Fun and Feminine Workout™ combines a variety of bellydance moves for maximum fat-burning and body-toning.

Contact Shara if you would like her to teach ShimmyPhat™ - The Fun and Feminine Workout™ at your gym.

Can't get to a gym? Stay tuned for the release of ShimmyPhat™ - The Fun and Feminine Workout™ fitness videos. Undulate and shimmy your way to a beautiful bellydance body in the comfort of your own home!



~ The Sambali™ Style Series: Samba, Lambada and Bellydance Fusion ~

This is a unique dance series developed by Shara. It blends the most feminine dances from Latin America and the Middle East incorporating the flirty expression of Samba, the sensual essence of Lambada and the mesmerizing movements of Bellydance into a style that is completely unique and completely her own.

To book the Sambali™ Style Series workshop at your next bellydance event, please email Shara for details and current availability.



~ Bellydance Technique and Dance Fundamentals ~

This class is based off of the highly successful bellydance format developed by master instructor Suhaila Salimpour. What makes this course so unique is that it breaks down the technique behind the essential movements of bellydancing so that both the beginning dancer and seasoned performer develop a strong dance foundation. Shara also incorporates dance fundamentals of modern and ballet as they apply to bellydance which will add polish and refinement to any dance performance. This class is also perfect for those students looking for a preparation course before a Suhaila workshop or for dancers who are certified in the format and want to continue their practice. Shara is training in Level 3 and is currently Level 2 certified in the Suhaila Salimpour School of Dance.


To Register

Credit card payments for a full session are accepted online through PayPal. Cash or check only payment will be accepted at the first class. Drop-in students can pay per class by cash or check only. Make checks payable to: Sambali Productions

No refunds unless class is cancelled. Make-up classes can only be held during the same session in which the class is missed. 



Private Lessons

$65/hour. Pay up front for 2 or more private lessons and receive $5 off each scheduled lesson.

Semi-Private & Group Lessons:

$110/hour - 2 students
$135/hour - 3 students
$160/hour - 4 students
$175/hour - 5 students
$200/hour - 6 or more students


$30 includes a 30-minute consultation by phone. Must provide a single performance on VHS or DVD for review.