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Bellydance and Samba Performance Packages

Shara provides the finest Middle Eastern and Latin style entertainment in Portland and surrounding areas. Adding a Belly Dance or Samba show to your party will make it an unforgettable event. Shara's shows are appropriate for all audiences and her costumes are as spectacular as her show! To book Shara for your next event please fill out the form below.


Performance Packages*

*Prices listed are non-negotiable and only apply for private parties. Please contact the booking manager for celebrity and corporate events. An additional travel fee applies for private events where travel 25 miles outside of downtown Portland is required.

BellyGram or SambaGram

This a mini performance (10-15 minutes in length) and you can choose either a Belly Dance or Samba gram for your event. This option is ideal for smaller parties.

  • $150 for Shara
  • $275 for Shara and another dancer

Goddess Party

Shara hosts theme parties, birthday parties, bridal and baby showers and gives lessons to little girls, teens, moms, new moms, and goddesses of all ages. This fun package includes a short performance immediately followed by a 30 minute mini-class to allow your guests the opportunity to learn a few basic belly dance or Samba moves! Shara brings Bellydance hip scarves or Samba boas for the participants.

  • $175 for performance and class

Bellydance Show

This is an exciting 20-25 minute bellydance show that can include dance props like finger cymbals, veil, isis wings and sword. If appropriate, the second half of the show is focused on audience participation. The guest of honor may be asked to belly dance and the goal is to have everyone on their feet and dancing by the end of the show! A definite crowd pleaser.

  • $250 for Shara
  • $450 for Shara and another dancer

Fire Goddess Show

This is a spellbounding belly dance show (25-30 minutes) featuring fire dancing with various props like torches, fire fans, fire belts, fog bowls and swords.

  • $350 for Shara
  • $600 for Shara and another dancer


Other Services


Wedding celebrations in all Middle Eastern countries have included the presence of a dancer acting as high priestess in pre-Islamic times with ceremonial functions blessing the Bride and Groom. In present day, a bellydancer leads the Bride and Groom into the reception room to present the newley married couple to their guests. This procession is known as the Zaffa.

In addition to the Zaffa procession at the wedding ceremony, the bellydancer will also perform a special dance with a shemadan. After the show she gets the Bride and Groom to dance together for their guests. She then gets all the relatives and friends up to dance creating an atmosphere that everyone will remember and treasure forever.

The Zaffa procession together with the shamadan wedding dance creates an unforgetable occassion! Each wedding is unique so there are 3 wedding packages to choose from.

Wedding packages:

  • Procession & Performance Package: $500 ~ Shara leads Bride and Groom in the Zaffa procession and performs a special shemadan wedding dance for all the party guests.
  • Performance Package: $350 ~ Shemadan/wedding dance only (20-25 minutes) during wedding reception.
  • Procession Package: $250 ~ Zaffa procession only, leading Bride and Groom to reception celebration and presenting them to their friends and family.

Greek Night

Shara can perform for your Greek Night event with live music and will lead the crowd in Greek line dances!

  • $800 flat fee: Includes Shara, drummer and bouzuki player for the entire evening (up to 4 hours). A special bellydance show with Shara and one other dancer can also be included for an additional fee of $150.

Ambiance Dancing

Shara's Samba or Belly Dancing will create a special ambiance to go with your Middle Eastern or Brazilian Carnivale themed event. With this package Shara will be at your event to entertain and get the crowd going at any party. This is perfect for parties with live bands or Greek Nights.

  • 1 hour: $300 for Shara or $600 for Shara and another dancer
  • 2 hours: $500 for Shara or $900 for Shara and another dancer

New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day and Holiday Performances

Holiday performances start at $300 and up. Please contact the booking manager for more details and current availability.

Restaurant and Night Club Performances

Please contact the booking manager for an information packet and pricing details.

Non-Profit and Charities

Are you an non-profit charitable organization or educational institute? Special rates may be available for a true good cause.


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